Graveur Laser RP130-ATA®



Despite its many advantages, laser marking of durable label film has always been a complicated and expensive process. It required highly-trained operators, a large capital equipment investment, lots of maintenance, and a secured work area for safe operation. MAINtag’s new RP130-ATA Laser Engraving Unit is the new RFID parts marking paradigm. Built to be installed on your desktop or workbench, RP130-ATA makes the laser engraving process easy and convenient. It’s used just like any other Windows®-based printer.

RP130-ATA RFID Laser Engraving Units contains a high-powered, solid state fiber optic coupled laser and an RFID high performing reader/encoder. The laser either ablates or phase-changes a wide range of specialty label substrates, delivering all the advantages of highly-durable laser label marking but at a much lower cost and with far greater simplicity than ever before.

RP-130-ATA Laser Engraving Unit makes the best-selling FLYtag® flyable RFID parts marking solution the choice of the leading aircraft manufacturers and subsystem suppliers of the aerospace industry. RP130-ATA works with all FLYtag® skin and FLYtag® fiber family as well as all standard UHF RFID tags.

Compliant with ATA Spec 2000 Chap. 9 / TDS 1.11 encoding, the RP-130-ATA is built to mark and encode RIFD tags for low-memory (SINGLE/DUAL-Record) and High memory (MULTI-Record) passive UHF technology supporting ISO 18000-6C and ATA Spec 2000 Chap. 9-5 and Appendix 11 standards.

Informations techniques

Engraving methodLaser diode
Print resolution300 dpi
Max substrate width130mm / 5,1’’
Standards. ATA Spec 2000 Chap 9-5 Appendix 11
. TDS 1.11
Air interface. EPCglobal Gen2 - ISO 18000-6C compliant. 850-960 MHz
. Low Memory DUAL-Record and High Memory MULTI-Record
Software. FLYplug® RFID ATA parts marking approved software
. Windows drivers for most label windows-based label design software
Operating SystemWindows 7 / 8 / 10
Data interface. USB 2.0
. 6-pin DIN serial cable
Indicator lightsPower, Pause, Media
Electrical rating12 VDC, 5.0 A
Power100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Laser safety certificationCDRH and IEC 60825-1
UI laser certificationClass 1 laserproduct
Weight17Kg / 37.5 lbs
Dimensions438mmW x 231mmH x 438mmD (17.25”W x 9.1”H x 17.25”D)
OptionDF 30 RP130-ATA Filtration system (12429)

Applications ciblées

FLYtag®, selected by Airbus for the A350 XWB’s first RFID parts marking program, has become the standard for the aviation industry. RP130-ATA Laser Engraving Unit is designed for identification and maintenance, repair and overhaul tracking applications throughout the civil and military aircraft and aerospace industries.


  • 12427 – RP130-ATA EU 869Mhz
  • 12428 – RP130-ATA US 915Mhz

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