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FLYtag®, the best-selling flyable RFID parts marking solution, is the choice of the leading aircraft manufacturers and subsystem suppliers of the aerospace industry. FLYchip® wet inlay is specially designed for plastic and non-metal parts, including life vests, in compliance with all required specifications for flyable parts. FLYchip® wet inlays are printable and mounted with industrial high performing adhesives.

Compliant with ATA Spec 2000 Chap. 9 / TDS 1.11, FLYchip® wet inlay is built around 2 Kbits or 64 Kbits FLYchip, low-memory or multi passive contactless UHF technology supporting ISO 18000-6C and ATA Spec 2000 Chap. 9-5 and Appendix 11 last standards SINGLE or DUAL records. EPC structure complies with the most recent TDS 1.11 standard. Data retention is over 30 years.

The adhesive packaging and chip are designed to meet SAE-AS5678 on equipements. FLYtag® wet inlay can be used in pressurized areas. Communication with the chip, including access to all user memory, can be performed by any standard Gen2-compatible reader. FLYchip® wet inlay supports all mandatory functionalities and modes as defined by the ISO/IEC 18000-6 Type C (EPCglobal Gen2) air interface specifications, including Miller encoding. Proprietary or non- standard commands are never necessary.


FootprintFLYchip® wet inlay: 100 x 14 mm / 3.94 x 0.55 in
Reading distanceFLYchip® wet inlay: up to 6 m / 19.7 ft
Installation area. Pressurized
. Cabin interior areas
Standards. SAE AS5678 on equipement
. ATA Spec 2000 Chap 9-5 Appendix 11 DUAL & SINGLE TDS 1.11
Air interface. Fully passive design, EPCglobal Gen2
. ISO 18000-6C compliant. 850-960 MHz
Memory (depending on product)Non-volatile, read and write access. Configurable for different applications. Tamper-proof archival characteristics
Receive Data RateMin 40 Kbps - max 160 Kbps
Transmit Data Rate (PSK)Min 40 Kbps - max 640 Kbps
Long memory lifeMinimum 30 years data retention at < 55°C / 131°F
WeighFLYchip® wet inlay: 0.5 g / 0,02 oz
Operational temperature-40°C to +85°C / -40°F to 185°F
Storage temperature-40°C to +85°C / -40°F to 185°F
Packaging MaterialFLYchip® wet inlays come in rolls of 5,000 units in sealed bags High-performance printable polymer material that ensures outstanding adhesive bond strength and thermal/chemical durability
Chemical compatibility, “Body”The compatibility of FLYchip® wet inlay substrate with solvents & reagents show a high compatibility with solvents, lubricants and hydrocarbons
Adhesive3M industrial adhesive – Application design approved
Colorwhite, printable


FLYtag®, selected by Airbus for the A350 XWB’s first RFID parts marking program, has become the standard for the aviation industry. FLYtags are designed for identification and maintenance, repair and overhaul tracking applications throughout the civil and military aircraft and aerospace industries.

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  • FLYchip® wet inlay 2 Kbits DUAL – 12414
  • FLYchip® wet inlay 64 Kbits MULTI – 13012

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