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MAINtag can provide you with RFID labels that are a perfect fit for your bottles. They are ultra slim, and their strong adhesive can be easily attached to your goods. It can be secured under the label or secondary label in order to maintain your bottle’s authenticity, while also being undetectable to the untrained eye.

This label uniquely identifies each bottle, then links it by computer to a respective shipping crate or batch. This unique code ensures that each bottle is tracked individually. This log is saved in each tag and can be checked at any stage of the distribution chain.

With its reliable reading rate and solidity, it makes the perfect product in your search for traceability. In addition, these labels have been specially designed and tested to operate flawlessly despite the proximity of liquids.


Internal diameter of the hubs
76,2 +/- 1mm
Wall thickness6 +/- 1mm
External diameter of the roll
180 mm max
Winding directionLabel facing the exterior
Width of the roll28 +/- 1mm
Quantity per roll
1000 pieces
End1 metre silicon paper at the beginning and end of the roll
IC protocolISO/IEC 1800-6C
Typical ISO working frequency860 to 960 MHz
Thickness of the tag0,157mm
Dimensions22x70 mm
User memory512 bits
Utilisation temperature-40°C to +85°C


This RFID label has been specially developed for the wine, champagne and spirits markets and should be affixed below the label or the secondary label on the bottle.

It ensures standard traceability of your bottles and allows you to keep perfect control of your distribution chain.

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