CERAtag untraceable



CERAtag untraceable is part of our range of compact ceramic tags. With a consistent size, they operate more efficiently and are readable at greater distances than conventional tags.

This model is equipped with an untraceable function. Once activated, this function prevents the tags from being read remotely and protects your agents from potential being unintentionally detected. This feature can be easily deactivated using a tag reader in direct contact with the reader.

The CERAtag untraceable is a passive 3Kbit RFID tag which is compliant with the ISO-18000-6C standard as well as the EPC Class1 Gen2 V2.0 standard. It is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures (-55°C/+150°C) and it has a memory with a service life which can exceed 20 years at 85°C. Its compact dimensions (10 x 1.6mm) mean that it can be installed on narrow metallic surfaces.

Communication with the chip, including access to the user memory, works with any standard compatible Gen2 reader.


PrintCERAtag untraceable [13036] : D10 x 1.6mm
Reading distanceCERAtag untraceable [13036]: Up to 1.8m in EU frequency
EPC Class1 Gen2 V2.0
Hertzian interfaceFully passive design, EPCglobal Class 1 Gen. 2
Compliant with ISO 18000-6C. 850 to 940 Mhz
MemoryUser : 3kbits
Bit rate on receptionMin 26 kbit/s - Max 128 kbit/s
Bit rate on transmission (PSK)40 kbit/s min. to 640 kbit/s max.
Memory duration
Data retention for a minimum of 20 years
WeightCERAtag untraceable [13036] : 0.7+/-0.2g
Survival temperature-55° C / -67° F to + 150° C / 302° F, RTCA DO-160 section 4 - category D2
Operating temperature-40° C / -40° F to + 85° C / 185° F, RTCA DO-160 section 4 - category D2
FlammabilityVertical combustion: 14 CFR, section 25.853 paragraph a) and appendix F, part 1 point a) 1)ii)
AdhesiveNitto 5000ns


CERAtag untraceable has been developed for the military sector.

Its solidity, compatibility with metal and its untraceable function make it a heavyweight ally in protecting military forces.

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  • CERAtag untraceable – 13036

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