MOBIpack MC9190-Z



Supporting the worldwide implementation of RFID Gen2 in the aerospace industry, FLYtag® mobiPACK MC9190-Z, available in 869MHz or 915MHz versions for international use, is specially tailored to the needs of ATA Spec 2000 flyable parts marking.

The Air Transport Association (ATA), the trade association for airlines, recently issued expanded guidelines for component parts identification and tracking in ATA Spec 2000, with recommendations for automating part traceability using RFID in Chapter 9.5. RFID technology provides real-time visibility on the entire value chain. FLYtag® mobiPACK MC9190-Z redefines state-of-the-art mobile RIFD for manufacturing, maintenance, repair and overhaul for flyable applications.

The rugged handheld Motorola MC9190-Z terminal with embedded FLYtag® manager software offers all ATA Spec 2000 functionalities including high-memory and low-memory TDS 1.9, EPC automatic construction, barcode 1D/2D to RFID, data synchronization in XML format, and more. The EPC Gen2 standard-compliant read/write functions of the FLYtag® RFID aerospace system allow seamless integration into existing IT infrastructures. Its design provides optimal performance in North America and Europe. End-users needing an out-of-the-box solution can follow an intuitive installation wizard to be up and running within minutes.

Informations techniques

ProcessorMarvell™ PXA270 520MHz
Operating SystemWindows CE 5.0 / RAM 128MB / ROM 256MB
MemoryRAM 128MB / ROM 256MB
Display3.5" QVGA backlight touch screen , TFT LCD, 240x320 pixels
EnvironmentOp -20°C to 50°C / St. -40 °C to 60°C / 95% non-condensing Drop spec: Steel plate / IP65
WLAN / BluetoothWLAN (802.11 b/g compliant) / Class Il, v2.0 (SPP Only)
Barcode engine20 imager scanner
Camera1.3 megapixels fixed focus with flash
RFID UHFOutput power 1 WEIRP
PC Gen2, ISO/IEC 18000-6C
EU 869MHz - US 915MHz
CradleUSB 1.1 Client (1 /0 port 20pin) & hast DC power input jack
ATA Spec 2000Support: UHF High memory - UHF Law memory / TDS 1.11 Multiple or single records: Birth/Part History /Current/ScratchPad EPC automatic construction
10/20 barcode to RFID
Data synchronization in XML format
Pack content- 1 year full support
- 1 year free upgrades
- MOBlpad® AT2
- FLYtag® manager
- 5 FLYtag® 8 Kbytes
- 5 FLYtag® nano 8 Kbytes
- FLYtag® range samples
- Documentation
- Ruggedized storm case packaging

Applications ciblées

FLYtag® mobiPACK supports the business changes brought about by the use of automatic identification in aerospace parts marking using RFID. It allows for accurate, automatic and rapid recording and collection of ATA Spec 2000 information on parts. With its exceptional read rate performance, the Motorola MC9190-Z easily integrates into most supply chain, production and maintenance systems.


  • FLYtag® mobiPACK MC9190-Z EU – 12380
  • FLYtag® mobiPACK MC9190-Z US – 12381

Produits connexes :

  • FLYtag® manager – 12020
  • Optional battery 2400mAh – 12432