Today, MAINtag is the #°1 worldwide in RFID solutions for aerospace

on-board aircraft and is fully approved for flyable parts as product and

quality system management.

In 2010 MAINtag signed with AIRBUS the multi-years contract for

A350XWB onboard RFID parts marking.

MAINtag, founded in 2004, has established an industry leadership position in aerospace parts marking delivering RFID FLYtag® solutions through more than 45 tier-ones and A/C manufacturers. From the beginning, MAINtag sought to leverage RFID physics to ensure accuracy and performance of flyable ATA spec 2000
RFID tags, readers and dedicated software. FLYtag® technology chosen by Airbus in 2010 has been supported and deployed for A350-XWB supplier companies in Europe and the Americas. In addition, MAINtag has contributed to educate more than 1500 people on the guide lines for parts marking. The field deployment experience combined with the aerospace expertise have created a broad range of knowledge for MAINtag engineers to draw from which has been embedded in published research, products and software that improves RFID flyable solution operations and support.
FLYtag manager software reduces implementation and support cost and has been successfully used by aerospace companies across more than 50 sites worldwide to ensure accurate and scalable RFID implementations. Global corporations on five continents leverage MAINtag’s expert engineers and patented RFID tags and software to achieve accuracy, speed, and visibility for their aircraft manufacturing and maintenance RFID deployments. In addition to packaged solutions, implementations, and engineering, MAINtag publishes the RFID Solution book, the aircraft industry's first and most referenced head-to-head context of ATA Spec 2000 best practices and deployment guides lines.
MAINtag serves clients from offices in France and Atlanta.