NEW High Memory chip (64kbits) ATA spec 2000
Test results show that FLYchip® performs 4 times more than other chips on the market!

FLYchip exceed now 80% of Market Share on board aircraft
With more than 600,000 chips already flooding aerospace, FLYchip is becoming the reference of RFID chip on board!



  • 12401 WAFER sawn gold bumped Dual/Single (2 kbits)
  • 12403 WAFER sawn gold bumped Multi (64 Kbits)
  • 12400 WAFER sawn Dual/Single (2 Kbits)
  • 12402 WAFER sawn Multi (64 Kbits)



Operational Temperatures:

 - 40°C to +85°C / -40°F to 185°F
Storage/Survival temperatures (12401-12400):
                 - 55°C to + 150°C / - 67°F to 302°F
Storage/Survival temperatures (12403-12402):                  - 55°C to + 150°C / - 67°F to 302°F
Operating frequency:

840 - 960 MHz
Transmit data rate (PSK)

Min 40 Kbps - max 640 Kbps
Sensivity during reading

-15 dBm
Equivalent input parallel resistance

1000 Ohms
Equivalent input parallel capacitance  

1.2 pF
Data rentention

30 years
Programming cycles

100,000 write cycles


FLYchip® is the latest generation of silicon chip, fully compliant with Tds1.6 and ATA Spec 2000 Chapt. 9.5 Appendix 11 and EPCglobal Class 1 Gen 2 protocol (ISO18000-6C).
The FLYchip® is a highly integrated single chip UHF RFID Tag IC capable of identify speeds of up to 200 tags per second at 3 to 6m read range (pending on reader). This most innovative chip is the result of both a performing program set up by MAINtag and its team of world class engineers.
FLYchip® operates at extremely low power levels, and read and write performance is enhanced by optimized antenna approach, affording insensitivity to tag orientation and overall robust operation. FLYchip® offers User memory for widely application. User memory can write locked on 128 bits boundaries, supporting a variety of public/private usage models. To preserve privacy and prevent unauthorized tampering. To preserve privacy and prevent unauthorized tampering, FLYchip® also features a kill switch with secure 32-bit password protection.
FLYchip® supports contactless UHF technology worldwide (860 – 960 MHz) for the aerospace industry. With data retention over 30 years, FLYchip® is available in Dual/Single and Multi-record format that makes it perfectly appropriate for tagging either life limited parts (like life vests, oxygen generators or medical kits) or long life cycle parts.


    ■ Aerospace ATA Spec 2000 V4.0 compatible
    ■ Facilities management
    ■ Logistics - Warehouse management
    ■ Anti-counterfeit
    ■ Identification
    ■ Pallet & Case Tracking
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